Backwoods Recordings

Spreading the Music One Song At A Time.

Let Us Record You - Darrell Lampkins *Engineer*
 Hallsville Missouri Call (573) 696-2940

Vocal track Demo $25.per/hr  

Record your vocals and mix with your existing music tracks or karaoke tracks (1 hr vocal session)   

One instrumental demo: 1-accoustic guitar or piano, male or female vocal studio time included $100.00 mixed

Studio time: $25.00 per/hr plus engineer-day rate an 8 hr block $200.00 per/day

$5.00 for each CD

If your brothers & sisters want to record a few christmas songs to send out for christmas; we will record it.

If you want to record a song and put it on CD for your partner, girl friend, boy friend, wife or husband; we will record it.

Accoustic musician needing a demo cd for your next job; we will record it.

You make Flutes, Guitars, Fiddles, or any kind of instrument and need a demo; we will record it.